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The Mountain Mentor Program is for individuals (and partners) who are financially and time committed to improving their recreational competency in mountaineering, rock, ice climbing and/or skiing. If you are looking for the freedom to control the pace of learning, difficulty of the guided climbing experience or you are motivated to push your ability and have a growing passion for climbing, then this program is for you!
Throughout the curriculum you can expect to review and/or learn essential rope skills, single pitch and multi-pitch techniques, rescue techniques, basic avalanche education, route finding and navigation, trip planning and preparation, team building and risk management skills. This program is intense and requires a dedicated commitment in both time and money.

Important Beta.



After your application is accepted, we embark on compentency baseline testing to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to establish a customized plan that will maximize the results of the program and your ability.


Working one-on-one* with you, we can focus the training and education to meet your needs. The program puts the pace and difficulty in your hands allowing you to control your future.


Put it all to the test! Identifying three, big-mountain, test objectives helps drive the curriculum and establishes tactile goals to aim at. Upon completion, you will have improved your climbing competency for tremendous value.


*The MMP is designed as one-to-one program with one participant working directly with one guide. In some instances, we allow for partners to register together. Both climbers must attend all sessions together. They must be comparable in ability and have the same goals in mind.


Learning Objectives

  1. Improve competency in multiple focus areas and climbing disciplines
  2. Educate through a comprehensive, customized, hands-on curriculum
  3. Inspire recreational climbers to embark on a lifetime of safe and responsible climbing

Specifically the Mountain Mentor Program Addresses:

  • Decision-making and risk management
  • Trip planning and Emergency Response Plan
  • Single pitch climbing techniques
  • Rope skills and techniques
  • Basic and advanced techniques for multi-pitch rock climbing
  • Basic and advanced techniques for multi-pitch ice climbing
  • Basic and advanced techniques for alpine climbing and mountaineering
  • Basic techniques for ski mountaineering
  • AIARE Avalanche 1 curriculum
  • Real world experience in the big mountain environment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mentorship designed to be completed in one month?

The Mountain Mentor Program is designed to match your availability and budget. The core curriculum covers four disciplines (mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing) plus essential rope and planning skills. However we can adjust this if needed in your Personalized Mentor Program (PMP) to fit your goals. To complete the entire core curriculum requires four seasons. At minimum the mentorship will last one calendar year. For many, that pace is too accelerated for their busy schedule and therefore they may choose to take up to three years to complete the program. Our innovative manuals and tracking tools will help document your progression and keep you on track.

Are there financing options available?

Yes! The Mountain Mentor Program is exceptional value but we do not want to limit your ability to participate due to financial constraints. Additionally, here are 50 adventure grants that you can consider applying for.

Do we spend the entire mentorship with one mentor?

Generally speaking, yes; barring any unforeseen circumstances you will be paired with one mentor with whom you can build a strong working relationship that promotes an effective and efficient learning process.

How much of the mentorship is spent in the classroom and how much is spent in the field?

Our goal is to limit classroom time and spend the majority of the mentorship gaining experience in the field. However, the classroom is more conducive to learning for basic skills. For classroom days, we shoot for a morning session indoors with a practical session outside. Rarely (if at all), will you spend the entire day inside. Upon completion of the essential skills portion, the core disciplines curriculum is conducted in the field.

Do I need to be experienced to participate?

No. All ages and ability levels are welcome! Baseline testing is a hands on demonstration that will allow you and your mentor to identify areas for growth and establish your current competency level. We will ask you to perform a set list of skills. You may not know any of them, or all of them. Most likely you will fall somewhere in between. This isn’t a test so there is no need to stress about baseline testing.

What are the big mountain objectives?

Part of the Mountain Mentor Program is learning how to develop thorough trip plans and proper preparation. Through the program you will work with your mentor to research, plan and execute suitable objectives to reinforce the learned material.

How do I enroll?

Complete the application below and we will contact you with further details including pricing, financing options and the enrollment form! You’re only a few easy steps away from taking control of your future! Let’s get started.



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