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The Mountain Mentor Program is for individuals (and partners) who are financially and time committed to improving their recreational competency in mountaineering, rock, ice climbing and/or skiing. If you are looking for the freedom to control the pace of learning, difficulty of the guided climbing experience or you are motivated to push your ability and have a growing passion for climbing, then this program is for you!

Payment Plans & Options.

The Mountain Mentor Program is exceptional value but we do not want to limit your ability to participate due to financial constraints. Additionally, here are 50 adventure grants that you can consider applying for.



You may pay in one ($9,000 USD) or two equal payments ($4,500) for the entire mentorship. Equivalent of $300 per day.


Two, three or four year financing options are available with the total divided into recurring payments processed on the first of each month.


You may purchase each discipline one at a time. A deposit of $1,000 due at time of enrollment with balance due at Baseline Testing.


*Similar training costs over $26,000. Included is the AIARE 1 course at a value of $400 . We encourage all participants to seek wilderness medical training at the Wilderness First Responder level. The Mountain Mentor Program standards are based on the highest level of standards set by these organizations.
**For financing options, there is an interest charge of 5% over 2 years [$9,450], 7.5% over 3 years [$9,675] and 10% over 4 years [$9,900].
***There is a 10% premium for paying by discipline.
****Not Included: Travel, Gratuity, Lodging (20% off The Bunkhouse), Rental Gear (20% off climbingrentals.com). All expenses associated with the big mountain experiences are additional. Participants receive preferred pricing.


Base Curriculum

Take Control of Your Future

In order to maximize the results of your mentorship, you need to be in excellent physical shape. This process begins now. Get out and climb and hike at least a few times per week. During the development of your customized plan we will address your fitness level and establish a training plan if needed. The following curriculum sets the framework from which your Personalized Mentor Program is developed. We adapt this program to meet your goals.



We spend one day running through the basic rope skills and climbing some pitches to establish a baseline for the curriculum. If you show competency on certain skills then we omit them from the customized plan. Your current skillset sets the foundation for us to build on.


Picking your climbing team or partner is essential to the outcome of your adventures. Managing risk is vital for your safety. We take a full day addressing these issues to improve your decision-making ability in the field.


A solid trip plan, emergency action plan and your preparation is vital to the outcome of your adventures. We explore traditional and modern tools for establishing solids plans.


Understanding knots, rope systems and managing a single pitch environment are essential basic skills. These sessions will provide a solid base to build from as we move onto multi-pitch and alpine objectives.


The alpine program will help you fine-tune your skills in alpine snow, mixed, and glaciated terrain.


The rock program will help you fine-tune or learn advanced skills for rock climbing including self and partner rescue techniques.


The ice program will help you fine-tune or learn advanced skills for ice climbing. We will discuss the differences between rock and ice climbing and how that influences our decision-making and climbing practices.


The ski program is designed for ski tours or ski ascents/descents, on alpine touring, split board or free-heel equipment. Topics covered include: track setting, efficient 3rd and 4th class travel, short-rope and short pitch techniques, rescues skills.


The AIARE 1 is a three-day / 24-hour introduction to avalanche hazard management. Students can expect to develop a good grounding in how to prepare for and carry out a backcountry trip, to understand basic decision making while in the field, and to learn rescue techniques required to find and dig up a buried person (if an avalanche occurs and someone in the party is caught).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mentorship designed to be completed in one month?

The Mountain Mentor Program is designed to match your availability and budget. The comprehensive curriculum covers four core disciplines (mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing) plus essential rope and planning skills. To engage the entire curriculum requires four seasons. At minimum the mentorship will last one calendar year. For many, that pace is too accelerated for their busy schedule and therefore they may choose to take up to three years to complete the program. Our innovative manuals and tracking tools will help document your progression and keep you on track to meet your goals.

Are there financing options available?

Yes! The Mountain Mentor Program is exceptional value but we do not want to limit your ability to participate due to financial constraints. Additionally, here are 50 adventure grants that you can consider applying for.

Do we spend the entire mentorship with one mentor?

Generally speaking, yes; barring any unforeseen circumstances you will be paired with one mentor with whom you can build a strong working relationship that promotes an effective and efficient learning process.

How much of the mentorship is spent in the classroom and how much is spent in the field?

Our goal is to limit classroom time and spend the majority of the mentorship gaining experience in the field. However, the classroom is more conducive to learning for basic skills. For classroom days, we shoot for a morning session indoors with a practical session outside. Rarely (if at all), will you spend the entire day inside. Upon completion of the essential skills portion, the core disciplines curriculum is conducted in the field.

Do I need to be experienced to participate?

No. All ages and ability levels are welcome! Demonstrating competency through baseline testing will allow you and your mentor to focus on areas of weakness and build on strengths.

What are the big mountain objectives?

Part of the Mountain Mentor Program is learning how to develop thorough trip plans and proper preparation. Through the program you will work with your mentor to research, plan and execute suitable objectives to reinforce the learned material.

How do I enroll?

Complete the form below and we will contact you to proceed through the process and get your baseline testing scheduled! You’re only a few easy steps away from taking control of your future! Let’s get started.



Payment plans are outlined below. By submitting the application form you are committing to the full cost as outlined by the plan. Cancellations are subject to payment in full up to 50% or remaining balance. For example: cancellation after 15 days [50%] is subject to payment for half of the remaining 15 days. Payments may be made via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or check.


Cancellations are subject to payment in full up to 50% or remaining balance. For example: cancellation after 15 days [50%] is subject to payment for half of the remaining 15 days.


NEMs Adventure plans and itineraries are subject to change or adjustment based on a number of factors. These include, but are not limited to, route conditions, weather, terrain, and many other factors. NEM has complete discretion to change plans to accommodate any of these or other factors, including discretion to change program schedule or itinerary, and change guides or staff, as necessary for the proper and safe conduct of the program.
We reserve the right to cancel any program due to inadequate signups, weather or route conditions. In such a case, an NEM credit for the full value is given; however, NEM cannot be responsible for any additional expenses incurred in preparing for the program (i.e., airline tickets, equipment purchase or rental, hotel reservations).
NEM reserves the right to dismiss the Participant from a trip at any time if NEM determines, in its sole discretion, that the Participant is not physically, technically, or psychologically prepared for or capable of participating in the program. This includes being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.


Northeast Mountaineering cannot guarantee that you will reach the summit. Weather, route conditions, your own abilities or the abilities of others may create circumstances that make an ascent unsafe, and you or your entire party will have to turn around without reaching the summit. Your program fee entitles you to one summit attempt on your specified dates.


Safety is NEM’s number one priority. Our guides manage significant hazards inherent in the mountains such as avalanches, ice fall, rock fall, inclement weather, and high winds, but they cannot eliminate them. NEM guides draw from their wealth of experience and training to make sound decisions that maximize your experience without compromising the necessary margin of safety. Please clearly understand that mountaineering and all other mountain adventures are inherently hazardous sports. You are choosing to engage in an activity in which participants have been injured and killed. While those accidents are indeed infrequent, they may occur at any time and be out of our control. We ask that participants acknowledge the risk and hazards of these sports, and make their own choices about whether or not to engage in these activities.



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